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"Beauty, love & honour is found all around us - sometimes we can miss the emotions that are at play - the slightest look from an animal, child or friend that can convey a story so vast and tactile that a second later we would have failed to see".

"Ever since I can remember I have used my hands to create; at times it all most feels like an obsession as my thought's are always with what can I create next...."

Jacqui has been painting, making sculptures & taking photographs for over 25 years - exhibiting in more than 20 solo shows since 1993 both in Australia & Internationally.  Her subjects include nature, animals, people & colour.  

Jacqui's artwork has been published in Women's Weekly, Courier Mail, Art Almanac, Australian Art Collector, The Australian, Rake (Series 3) Time Out, Grazia, Sunday Telegraph, Sun Herald, Dog's Life Magazine, Gold Coast Bulletin, Kluster along with many others. 

Her art has become synonymous with emotive themes such as beauty, love and honour - driven by a background growing up in England as well as emigrating to Australia has given growth to work that both acknowledges the robust nature of her subjects while injecting a poetic liveliness.

The Photographic Print Collection is a selection of photographic archival prints on fine art paper to enhance and beautify modern living & contemporary interiors. Located in Byron Bay Australia for the last 23 years & lucky enough to be surrounded by such an enchanting & sub tropical environment - has led Jacqui to a series of photographic art prints that transcends an openness with nature by delivering a candid portrayal of beauty.

All prints are made & transported from Byron Bay Australia.