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Cruising to Dark Mofo in Tasmania was Definitely a Highlight

On the 13th of June I cruised from Sydney to Hobart for a fabulous 3 day docking. As I had never previously been on a cruise it was hard to know what was to come; it turns out that I would feel like I had just arrived on a set - that is a set that incorporated aspects from Fawlty Towers, Little Britain and the movie Shining. It was unreal, a `surreal feeling that I just loved and to add to that the sun was shining on a winters day!!
On arrival in Hobart I was met by a cobalt sky, indigo lake inlet and clouds that had been superimposed onto the skyline. That was before I had even visited Dark Mofo and the varied exhibitions scattered throughout the City of Hobart. Then it came the feast on the last night and I was again in another movie, a vampire movie this time, a cross between Blade and all the B grade blood sucking moments I had experienced in the past. What a wonderful 6 days. 
Way to go Tassie!!

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